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The Federal Executive Board's mission is to strengthen the management and administration of Federal activities, promote government wide management improvement; and encourage interagency cooperation with the objectives of improved intergovernmental coordination, cost reduction, and better services to the public. Boards improve internal management practices and communication, eliminate duplication of effort and provide a central focus for Federal participation in community affairs through liaison with officials of state and local governments and the private sector. FEBs are an efficient and effective force for progress. Similar to the President's Cabinet in our Nation's Capital, FEB membership becomes automatic and mandatory by virtue of the incumbent being the Senior agency official within the FEB's geographic boundaries. Unlike the Cabinet, membership is not limited to Department-level organizations. FEB activities and committees are not just for executives..

"Although each executive agency and its field organization have a special mission, there are many matters on which the work of the departments converge. Among them are management and budgetary procedures, personnel policies, recruitment efforts, office information duties, and similar matters. There are opportunities to pool experience and resources and to accomplish savings. In substantive programs, there are also opportunities for a more closely coordinated approach in many activities."~JOHN F. KENNEDY

President John F. Kennedy introduced the first 10 Federal Executive Boards in 1961 for the principle purpose of strengthening and coordinating the activities of government operations..

FEB's mission is to create interagency excellence outside of Washington, DC. FEB's accomplish their mission by: Communicating, coordinating and collaborating with Federal, state, and local government agencies. FEB's provide information, referrals and guidance for intergovernmental and community outreach.

View a copy of President Barack Obama's Message honoring the FEBs' 50 years of service

Board of Directors

The South Florida FEB is headed by a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Communications Director elected by the membership. In addition there is a Board of Directors composed of fifteen elected, permanent, and appointed members. Former Chairs of the FEB continue to serve as Ex-Officio members for one year after their term.

The Board of Directors meet monthly andare responsible for outlining the focus and policies of the FEB and its committees each year. It also makes recommendations on matters involving interagency coordination and action.

                           The Executive Director serves as the principal staff assistant to the FEB Chair and provides a full range of staff services. The position does not represent an individual agency as do other members of the Board, but rather the Federal community as a whole.

The Federal Executive Board operates under Federal Regulations 5 CFR Part 960 and By-Laws approved by the membership.The FEB supports and promotes national initiatives of the President and the Administration, and responds to the local needs of Federal departments/agencies through program activities of its committees and councils. Memberships on these committees include Federal employees who have been selected by their agency head to serve because of their positions, responsibilities, and expertise.


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