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Member Responsibilities


Ø  In his memorandum directing the establishment of FEBs, President Kennedy stated: “Each executive department and agency is directed to arrange for personal participation by the heads of its field offices and installations in the work of these Federal Executive Boards.” 

Ø  Board members are the heads of their respective agencies and the highest officials of the Federal Government in their locale.  Membership is limited to this level to ensure adequate authority and to emphasize top management responsibility for Board effectiveness. 

Ø  Membership designations reside in the position rather than the current incumbent, and new incumbents of the positions automatically become Board members.

Ø  Each member may have an alternate, usually the immediate deputy, who is fully empowered to commit the resources of their agency.  As the responsible representative of their agency in the locality, members are expected to participate fully in Board affairs.  This assures the strongest support for Presidential programs and ensures the prestige of the FEBs in their community.

Ø  The South Florida Federal Executive Board serves under the direction of the Office of Personnel Management.

Ø  Members meet in a full board forum quarterly (four times a year – January, March, June, and September).


FEB Board of Directors:

Ø  The Board of Directors formulates FEB policy and guides program direction, as well as takes responsibility for the ways and means of accomplishing said program undertakings.  

Ø  The Board of Directors seeks ways and means to undertake with diligence and serious purpose those activities in the areas of Government-wide policy implementation, service to the community, and improving the quality of the Federal Government, that will best contribute to the effectiveness and economy of government operations in South Florida and the vicinity.

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